View full screen - View 1 of Lot 8506. Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Freddy Krueger’ Prototype/Sample | Nike Dunk SB Low「Freddy Krueger」原型/樣品鞋.

Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Freddy Krueger’ Prototype/Sample | Nike Dunk SB Low「Freddy Krueger」原型/樣品鞋

Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Freddy Krueger’ Prototype/Sample | Nike Dunk SB Low「Freddy Krueger」原型/樣品鞋

Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Freddy Krueger’ Prototype/Sample | Nike Dunk SB Low「Freddy Krueger」原型/樣品鞋


Rubber, Cotton, Leather





The sneakers are in deadstock condition and do not come with a box. There is a hole through the sole of the right sneaker, suggesting it was slated for destruction as is often seen on prototype pairs.


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In this model, Nike paid tribute to the villain crucial to the Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise. Noticeable details include Freddy Krueger’s striped sweater pattern throughout the base of the sneaker with blood splatters over the beige leather overlays. The Swoosh itself pays tribute to the blades on Freddy’s leather gloves.

The sneaker itself was never released to the public, and this is an early prototype/sample produced before what would become one of the most legendary stories in Nike SB’s history. For a multitude of reasons, the sneakers never made it to a full release, and it is said that Nike therefore decided to destroy the sneakers. Still, a small number of Dunks made it out. There are three models in the wild: the sample of the original release, the original release, and a prototype version featuring a wider striped pattern (offered here). This is arguably the most desirable and rare of the three coveted variations.

This is one of the rarest Nike Dunk SBs in the world.

這款Nike球鞋的設計靈感來自電影《猛鬼街》(A Nightmare on Elm Street;或譯:半夜鬼上床)系列裡的恐怖殺人魔佛萊迪・克魯格(Freddy Krueger)。紅綠相間的鞋身令人想起佛萊迪身上的條紋毛衣,淺棕色皮革上的圖案有如飛濺的血跡,銀色的Nike鉤形商標則是致敬佛萊迪皮手套上的刀刃。

這是一雙早期的原型樣品鞋,從未公開發售,神秘的起源為Nike SB締造了一段曲折離奇的歷史。由於種種原因,這款球鞋未能全面推出,Nike因而決定把鞋銷毀,不過仍有極少數保留至今。現在坊間流傳的Freddy Krueger SB有三種,包括初版樣品鞋、初版和紅綠條紋稍寬的原型(本品),當中以最後一種最受追捧,也最為罕見。

「Freddy Krueger」是世界上其中一款最珍貴難得的Nike Dunk SB。